Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Women Empowerment....My Choice Video

Hi Peeps!! This is my first post on this blog and the topic that I have chosen to write about is Women Empowerment! Well its not about all bookish gyan about women empowerment but its about my views on the latest video by Deepika Padukone....yeah the My Choice video which is trending on web these days. It was a bold approach by Deepika and I highly appreciate her for doing this but I think the message she was trying to convey was too shady. I mean yeah girls have choice to choose clothes, career, life partner and other important decisions but having sex outside marriage, to have a baby or not to have a baby, to come at 4 am these all are not things that lead to women empowerment!! I think the message it was trying to convey was that we should drop all the preconceived notions that we have about girls. You know like typically girls are judged by clothes they wear. If comes late she must be doing something shameful. Well enough of judging girls on choices they, so let them breathe....

I am not a feminist nor do I support all the stuff in the video. Its just that these are my views. My views....My Blog :) :p

Hope you like reading it. Do comment below.

Cyaa all soon with new topic.

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