Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lip Essentials

I am sorry for not being regular in posting but my GMAT preps have been keeping me busy. So the other day I was just wondering what my next post should be about and then suddenly my eyes my on green basket and voila! I found my next topic :)

Well in US, the weather is transitioning from Winter to Spring, so the weather changes have made lips really chapped and flaky :( And these three products were my saviors :D Presenting to you my three musketeers....
1. Burt's Bees Replinishing Lip balm : It contains pomegranate oil which helps in fast healing of chapped lips. And yes it did wonders for my lips. Happy me. But it has no color :(

2. Nivea Fruity Shine:  I have this in peach color. It is the most moisturing colored balm i have EVER used! Absolute lovely. And the little sparkles in it are adorable!! I love sparkles (the reason i have named my blog).

3. Himalaya Lip Balm : It contains wheatgerm oil and carrot seed oil. It does nourishes my lips but what i dont like is it leaves some white residue after sometime. ugh! So I have to keep on applying it.

Well these are just some favorite ones out of the whole bunch that I own :p As I say a girl can never have enough lip balms! :) Apart from these products you can try some home remedies like ghee or olive oil. They work good too but are GREASYYYY.

Post your favorite lip balms in the comment box below. Happy Spring peeps!!

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