Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wedding Tales - Marathi Wedding Affair

This is a post over which I have been procrastinating for a while now....yeah ok for 14 months now! Humphhhh...OK I am lazy :p.  I got married on 1 Feb 2014 in Nagpur and all the memories still so fresh in my mind. It was an arranged marriage but I am so proud to say that you cant guess :D. So skipping the meeting details, we will jump to the events after the dates were fixed. The first event that was planned was the Engagement. And thus began our shopping spree which continued till our wedding and I swear I am not exaggerating!
Coming back to The Engagement... As per our Marathi traditions the girl has to change two saris, One given by In-Laws and the other given by Parents. But sadly due to lack of time and leaves, my parents and in-laws got a sari each of their own choice but boy was I surprised as I absolutely loved both the saris!!

This golden-brown gorgeous kanchivaram was given by my parents. They bought it from Chennai Mall in Hyderabad. Its a stunner and the color is so unusual!

After a small puja I changed into a sari gifted by my In-Laws. Again a total love...the beautiful combo of blue and silver is outstanding. It adds a little pop to the outfit :)

The Rings :) :) Both rings are from PNG Jewellers in Pune. We wanted something light and a daily wear. And we found the perfect rings after lots of trials :p

After this began the golden phase of our courtship as we were officially engaged and ready to set on the new path :)

PS: Sorry for the poor quality pic :(

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